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Journal Publications
(*Corresponding author; † Equal contribution)


[41] M. Zhao; W. Li; M. Yang; Z. Zhao; R. Ye; X. Mao; P. Padgett; P. Chen.*

Long-range enhancements of micropollutant adsorption on metal-promoted photocatalysts.

Nature Catal.  2024, accepted.



[40] R. Ye†; X. Sun†; X. Mao† (co-first); F. Alfonso; S. Baral; G. W. Coates; P. Chen.*

Optical sequencing of single synthetic polymers. 

Nature Chem.  2024, 16, 210-217


[39] B. Fu; X. Mao (co-first); Y. Park; Z. Zhao; T. Yan; W. Jung; D. H. Francis;  W. Li; B. Pian; F. Salimijazi; M. Suri; T. Hanrath; B. Barstow; P. Chen.*

Single-cell multimodal imaging uncovers energy conversion pathways in biohybrids.

Nature Chem.  2023, 15, 1400-1407


[38] K. Shen†; A. Mathur†; Y. Liu*; X. Mao.*

Electrochemically responsive materials for energy-efficient water treatment and carbon capture.

Appl. Phys. Rev.  2023, 10, 031305


[37] W. Zhang; S. Chen; K. Shen; J. Zhu; Y. Liu; X. Mao.*

Understanding Photo(electro)catalysts for Energy Conversion via Operando Functional Imaging.

Chem. Biomed. Imaging 2023, 1, 6, 522–536


[36] W. Zhong; Z. Gong; Z. He; N. Zhang; X. Kang; X. Mao; Y. Chen.*

Modulating Surface Oxygen Species via Facet Engineering for Efficient Conversion of Nitrate to Ammonia.

J. Energy Chem. 2023, 78, 211


[35] K. Shen; and X. Mao.*

Understanding and Controlling Charge Functions in Materials for Electrochemically Mediated Water Treatment.

J. Electrochem. Soc. 2022, 169, 073511


[34] S. Baral; C. Liu;* X. Mao; G. W. Coates; and P. Chen.*

Tuning Single-Polymer Growth via Hydrogen Bonding in Conformational Entanglements.

ACS Cent. Sci. 2022, 8, 1116


[33] M. Suri; Z. Mohamed; S. F. B. E Naser; X. Mao; P. Chen; S. Daniel;* and T. Hanrath.*

Bioelectronic Platform to Investigate Charge Transfer between Photoexcited Quantum Dots and Microbial Outer Membranes.

ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces 2022, 14, 15799

Nat Mater Junction.tif

[32] X. Mao; P. Chen.*

Inter-facet junction effects on particulate photoelectrodes.

Nature Mater. 2022,  21, 331


News Highlight:

  • Chem. Eng. News: "Probing the properties of interfacet junctions"

  • Cornell Chronicle: "3D semiconductor particles offer 2D properties", January 3, 2022

  •, EurekAlert!, Newswise

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[31] R. Ye†; M. Zhao†; X. Mao; Z. Wang.; D. A. Gorzon; H. Pu; Z. Zhao; P. Chen.*

Nanoscale cooperative adsorption for materials control.

Nature Commun. 2021, 12, 4287


News Highlight:

  • "The many facets of cooperativity," Nat. Rev. Mater. 2021; DOI: 10.1038/s41578-021-00368-y

  • ​Featured in Cornell Chronicle, July 13, 2021: "Small molecule plays outsize role in controlling nanoparticle."

  • Featured in Nature Communs Editors’ Highlights in Materials Science and Chemistry.

  • "Chemistry discovery could remove micropollutants from environment," US Army DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory Public Affairs; July 14, 2021


[30] S. Baral; C. Liu; U. K. Chakraborty; K. Kubo; X. Mao; G. W. Coates; P. Chen*,

Polymerization dynamics and conformational mechanics of conjugated polymers at the single-chain level.

Chem 2021, 7, 2175


News Highlight:

  • Featured in Cornell Chronicle, June 16, 2021: "Magnetic tweezers reveal polymers’ hidden properties."

  • Featured in U.S. Army DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory: "Pioneering chemistry approach could lead to more robust soft electronics"

MRS Bull figure.tif

[29] X. Mao

Rational design of charge-functional materials: Insights from molecular engineering and operando imaging

MRS Bull. 2021, 46 (3), 273-279. (Invited MRS awardee contribution)



[28] C. Liu, S. Baral, K. Gu, X. Mao, P. Chen* (†equal contribution)

Real-time single polymer growth toward single monomer resolution

Trends Chem. 2021, 3, 318


[27] X. Mao†; R. Ye†; P. Chen*

Single Molecule Fluorescence Microscopy for Characterizations of Heterogeneous Catalysts.

Springer Handbook of Advanced Catalyst Characterization. (Invited book chapter). In press.



[26] L. A. Genova, M. F. Roberts, Y.-C. Wong, C. E. Harper, A. G. Santiago, B. Fu, A. Srivastava, W. Jung, L. M. Wang, L. Krzeminski, X. Mao, X. Sun, C.-Y. Hui, P. Chen*, C. J. Hernandez* (†equal contribution)

Mechanical stress compromises multicomponent efflux complexes in bacteria

Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 116, 25462-25467 (2019)

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News Highlight:

  • Cornell Chronicle

  •, EurekAlert!, Newswise, 7thSpace, ScienceDaily, Medical News

paper26 ACS Cent Sci.png

[25] Y. Ren, X. Mao, T. A. Hatton*,

An Asymmetric Electrochemical System with Complementary Tunability in Hydrophobicity for Selective Separations of Organics.

ACS Central Science  5, 1396-1406 (2019)


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[24] X. Mao*, P. Brown, C. Červinka, G. Hazell, H. Li, Y. Ren, D. Chen, R. Atkin, J. Eastoe, I. Grillo, A. A. H. Padua, M. F. C. Gomes*, T. A. Hatton*,

Self-assembled nanostructures in ionic liquids facilitate charge storage at electrified interfaces.

Nature Materials 18, 1350–1357(2019)


paper 24.png

[23] X. Mao, C. Liu, M. Hesari, N. Zou, P. Chen*,

Super-resolution imaging of nonfluorescent reactions via competition.

Nature Chemistry 11, 687-694 (2019).


paper 22.jpg

[22] R. Ye, X. Mao, X. Sun, P. Chen*, (†equal contribution)

Analogy between Enzyme and Nanoparticle Catalysis: A Single-Molecule Perspective.

ACS Catalysis 9, 1985-1992 (2019).

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paper 21.jpg

[21] M. Hesari, J. B. Sambur, X. Mao, W. Jung, P. Chen*,

Quantifying Photocurrent Loss of a Single Particle–Particle Interface in Nanostructured Photoelectrodes.

Nano Letters 19, 958-962 (2019).


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News Highlight:

paper 20.jpg

[20] Y. Ren, Z. Lin, X. Mao, W. Tian, T. Van Voorhis, T. A. Hatton*,

Superhydrophobic, Surfactant-doped, Conducting Polymers for Electrochemically Reversible Adsorption of Organic Contaminants.

Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1801466 (2018).


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paper 19.jpg

[19] X. Mao, W. Tian, Y. Ren, D. Chen, S. E. Curtis, M. T. Buss, G. C. Rutledge, T. A. Hatton*,

Energetically efficient electrochemically tunable affinity separation using multicomponent polymeric nanostructures for water treatment.

Energy & Environmental Science 11, 2954-2963 (2018).


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paper 18.jpg

[18] N. Zou, G. Chen, X. Mao, H. Shen, E. Choudhary, X. Zhou, P. Chen*,

Imaging Catalytic Hotspots on Single Plasmonic Nanostructures via Correlated Super-Resolution and Electron Microscopy.

ACS Nano 12, 5570-5579 (2018).


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paper 17.jpg

[17] M. Hesari, X. Mao, P. Chen*, (†equal contribution)

Charge Carrier Activity on Single-Particle Photo(electro)catalysts: Toward Function in Solar Energy Conversion.

Journal of the American Chemical Society 140, 6729-6740 (2018).


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News Highlight:

paper 16.jpg

[16] X. Mao, A. Liu, W. Tian, X. Wang, K. K. Gleason*, T. A. Hatton*, (†equal contribution)

Enhancing Performance Stability of Electrochemically Active Polymers by Vapor-Deposited Organic Networks.

Advanced Functional Materials 28, 1706028 (2018)



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paper 15.jpg

[15] X. Mao, F. Guo, E. H. Yan, G. C. Rutledge*, T. A. Hatton*,

Remarkably High Heterogeneous Electron Transfer Activity of Carbon-Nanotube-Supported Reduced Graphene Oxide.

Chemistry of Materials 28, 7422-7432 (2016).


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paper 14.jpg

[14] X. Mao, E. H. Yan, G. C. Rutledge*, T. A. Hatton*,

Enhanced Redox Transformation Efficiency in Unconjugated Electroactive Polymer/Carbon Nanotube Hybrids.

Chemistry of Materials 28, 543-548 (2016).


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paper 13.jpg

[13] X. Mao, W. Tian, T. A. Hatton, G. C. Rutledge*,

Advances in electrospun carbon fiber-based electrochemical sensing platforms for bioanalytical applications.

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 408, 1307-1326 (2016).


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paper 12.jpg

[12] X. Mao, X. Yang, J. Wu, W. Tian, G. C. Rutledge*, T. A. Hatton*,

Microwave-Assisted Oxidation of Electrospun Turbostratic Carbon Nanofibers for Tailoring Energy Storage Capabilities.

Chemistry of Materials 27, 4574-4585 (2015).


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paper 11.jpg

[11] W. Tian, X. Mao, P. Brown, G. C. Rutledge*, T. A. Hatton*,

Electrochemically Nanostructured Polyvinylferrocene/Polypyrrole Hybrids with Synergy for Energy Storage.

Advanced Functional Materials 25, 4803-4813 (2015).


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paper 10.jpg

[10] X. Mao, T. A. Hatton*,

Recent Advances in Electrocatalytic Reduction of Carbon Dioxide Using Metal-Free Catalysts.

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54, 4033-4042 (2015).

  • Top 1% most cited article 2015-2019


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paper 9.jpg

[9] X. Mao, W. Tian, J. Wu, G. C. Rutledge*, T. A. Hatton*,

Electrochemically Responsive Heterogeneous Catalysis for Controlling Reaction Kinetics.

Journal of the American Chemical Society 137, 1348-1355 (2015).


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paper 8.jpg

[8] X. Mao, G. C. Rutledge*, T. A. Hatton*,

Nanocarbon-based electrochemical systems for sensing, electrocatalysis, and energy storage.

Nano Today 9, 405-432 (2014).


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paper 7.jpg

[7] J. Wu, X. Yang, Z. He, X. Mao, T. A. Hatton*, T. F. Jamison*,

Continuous Flow Synthesis of Ketones from Carbon Dioxide and Organolithium or Grignard Reagents.

Angewandte Chemie International Edition 53, 8416-8420 (2014).

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paper 6.jpg

[6] X. Mao, X. Yang, G. C. Rutledge*, T. A. Hatton*,

Ultra-Wide-Range Electrochemical Sensing Using Continuous Electrospun Carbon Nanofibers with High Densities of States.

ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 6, 3394-3405 (2014).

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paper 5.jpg

[5] X. Yang, J. Wu, X. Mao, T. F. Jamison, T. A. Hatton*,

Microwave assisted synthesis of cyclic carbonates from olefins with sodium bicarbonates as the C1 source.

Chemical Communications 50, 3245-3248 (2014).

[PDF] [Link]

paper 4.jpg

[4] X. Mao, T. A. Hatton, G. C. Rutledge*,

A Review of Electrospun Carbon Fibers as Electrode Materials for Energy Storage.

Current Organic Chemistry 17, 1390-1401 (2013).

[PDF] [Link]

paper 3.jpg

[3] X. Mao, G. C. Rutledge*, T. A. Hatton*,

Polyvinylferrocene for Noncovalent Dispersion and Redox-Controlled Precipitation of Carbon Nanotubes in Nonaqueous Media.

Langmuir 29, 9626-9634 (2013).

[PDF] [Link]

paper 2.jpg

[2] X. Mao, F. Simeon, D. S. Achilleos, G. C. Rutledge*, T. A. Hatton*,

Metallocene/carbon hybrids prepared by a solution process for supercapacitor applications.

Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1, 13120-13127 (2013).


[PDF] [Link]

paper 1.jpg

[1] X. Mao, F. Simeon, G. C. Rutledge, T. A. Hatton*,

Electrospun Carbon Nanofiber Webs with Controlled Density of States for Sensor Applications.

Advanced Materials 25, 1309-1314 (2013).

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