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Xianwen Mao

Postdoctoral Associate

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Cornell University

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, MIT

Google Scholar

My PhD research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (advisors: T. Alan Hatton and Gregory C. Rutledge, Department of Chemical Engineering) focuses on the rational design of polymer-based electrochemical interfaces, by engineering the three key constituents, including functional, electrochemically active, polymeric materials, the electrode and the electrolyte.

My postdoc work at Cornell University (advisor: Peng Chen, Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology) is centered on the development of single-molecule catalysis imaging techniques that can accelerate the discovery of materials design principles for energy, environmental and biomedical applications.

Colloid and Interface Science

Polymer Science and Engineering

Superresolution Reaction Imaging

Single Molecule Techniques

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